TD-3H/B  aiphone

TD-3H/B Aiphone Td-3h/B Intercom Master Station aiphone

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Product Overview

The TD-HL series handset intercoms are designed for applications where visual indication of an incoming call is required. The red LED mounted on the top front of the unit lights whenever a station receives a call. The TONE OFF switch at the bottom allows the user to turn the standard call tone on or off at any time. The LED will light regardless of the switch position. Ideal for applications where silent signaling is required, such as radio stations or sound booths.

General Information
Name: Aiphone TD-3H/B Intercom Master Station, Aiphone Co., Ltd, Aiphone
Category: Aiphone, Access Control & Communications, Door Entry, Audio Only Intercom
UPC Code: 790143447618
Country of origin: Viet Nam. Country of origin is subject to change.