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LEF-3C Aiphone Lef-3c Intercom Master Station aiphone

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Product Overview

The LEF-3C is a selective calling open voice style master station, used to answer calls from other remotes or masters. The system can be designed to include any combination of master and sub stations. The LEF-3C can be part of a larger system with the ability to communicate with three other stations, plus make an All Call and/or receive background music.

Incoming calls from a sub or door station sound an electronic tone and light an LED, remaining lit for approximately 20 seconds. Communication at the calling master is press-to-talk, release-to-listen, and is hands free at the responding station. The person at the master station can selectively call and talk with a person at any connected sub or master station in the system. The privacy feature on the master prevents eavesdropping from another master station. An All Call announcement can be made from the master if the system includes the All Call/Chime Adaptor.

General Information
Name: Aiphone LEF-3C Intercom Master Station, Aiphone Co., Ltd, Aiphone
Category: Aiphone, Access Control & Communications, Door Entry, Audio Only Intercom
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