IX-MV7-W  aiphone

IX-MV7-W Ip Master Station, 7" Touchscreen, White aiphone

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Product Overview
The IX-MV7 is an IP addressable hands-free master station with a 7" color touchscreen. It can be wall or desk mounted (desk stand included). It connects to a network using Cat-5e/6 cable and is SIP compliant. Audio and video of active conversations can be captured and stored on a microSD™ card. Each master station has an address book of 500 stations and can monitor a single station or scan monitor several stations with-in the address book. The master station offers line supervision and a scheduled device check of stations in its address book. It has the ability to page all units or groups of units and offers bell scheduling with 50 events per day. The master station has 8 speed dial buttons that can be used to call, page, monitor, or control a contact closure. It has a built in camera with privacy shutter. The master station can view a selected intercom's camera as well as an associated ONVIF Profile S camera by using the picture in picture function. It has the ability to release the door that is associated with the station that it is communicating with. Stations can be called by using the directory or by direct dialing the stations number. The master is available in black (IX-MV7-B) or white (IX-MV7-W).
General Information
Name: Aiphone SIP Compatible IP Video Master Station 7" Touchscreen and Hands-free (White), Aiphone Co., Ltd, Aiphone
Category: Aiphone, Access Control & Communications, Door Entry, IP Intercom
UPC Code: 4968249585336
Country of origin: Thailand. Country of origin is subject to change.