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Product Overview
The IX-DVF-P is a flush mount, IP addressable video door station with a built-in HID multiCLASS SE® RP10 card reader. The unit is weather resistant (IP65). It connects to the network using Cat-5e / 6 cable and is SIP compliant. The station is equipped with a 1.23 megapixel fixed color camera. The camera angle can be vertically adjusted using a lever on the back of the station. The video can be streamed to 3rd party devices using ONVIF Profile S or RTSP. Audio and video can be captured on a microSD™ card. The station can be programmed to call up to 20 different stations, there are 3 different call level selections. The station has a 600? output that can be used for paging or communication. There are 2 contact outputs that can be programmed to trigger during door release, when the 600? output is used or based on the status of the station. There are 6 inputs that can be used to trigger an outgoing call or answer a call/page. Sound files can be uploaded for custom messages to be played during certain functions (door release, call placed, communication start, error message). The station has audible and visual indications for calling, communication, and door release.
General Information
Name: Aiphone IP Addressable Video Door Station with Card Reader for the IX Series, Aiphone Co., Ltd, Aiphone
Category: Aiphone, Access Control & Communications, Door Entry, IP Intercom
UPC Code: 788255371396
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