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IX-1AS Aiphone Standard Intercom To IX Series Adaptor aiphone

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Product Overview

The IX-1AS is a network adaptor which allow an LEF or NEM series sub station to work with the IX Series intercom. The IX-1AS is intended for a single sub station and plugs directly into a PoE network connection using a CAT5e/6 cable. The LE/NE sub station wires into the adaptor input using a 2 or 3 conductor cable, depending on the sub station. Each adaptor port has two dry contact outputs, typically used for camera call up and door release.

General Information
Name: Aiphone Standard Intercom to IX Series Adaptor, Aiphone Co., Ltd, Aiphone
Category: Aiphone, Access Control & Communications, Door Entry, Intercom Accessories
UPC Code: 788255371136
Country of origin: China. Country of origin is subject to change.