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GT-DMB-N 3-In-1 Video Entrance Station aiphone

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Product Overview

The GT-DMB-N is a video entrance station with a stainless steel panel for the GT Series multi-tenant video intercom system. It is equipped with a PTZ camera which captures a 170° wide angle view. The keypad allows for direct dialing and authorized entry access. A 3.5" color LCD displays a greeting message, tenant directory, and system status. The color LCD may be set to energy saver mode and can activate via the built-in motion sensor. A built-in user guide can be configured to display one of six languages. The guide provides operational assistance by displaying a visual icon, along with the option for audible instruction.

The GT-DMB-N works on a common bus wiring system, carrying the call and communication functions on a 2-conductor wire, and the video signal on a second 2-conductor wire. A separate power supply provides voltage for the LCD display, while the power for the audio and video is supplied on the common bus wires.

The entrance station can be flush mounted (use GF-3B back box) or surface mounted (use SBX-GTDMB surface mount box). Both mounting boxes are sold separately.

Main Features

Hands-free audio communication
Video camera at entry
Direct dialing, alphabetical scrolling, or "jump" scrolling by letter to select tenant name
Up to 500 names/numbers can be stored in the display module
Alphanumeric room numbers and/or names can be programmed
Access control keypad with up to 500 unique codes to activate door release
Scrolling welcome message, up to 160 characters, adjustable scroll speed
3.5" color LCD displays tenant names and their dialing number
Motion sensor to activate LCD
PC program for loading tenant information, access codes, and welcome message (via USB)
General Information
Name: Aiphone GT-DMB-N 3-in-1 Video Entrance Station with NFC, Aiphone Co., Ltd, Aiphone
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