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DFT120 Bogen Dft120 Digital Feedback Terminator bogen

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Product Overview

The Bogen DFT120 Digital Feedback Terminator provides high quality recording and playback of audio pages. The DFT120 breaks the acoustical feedback loop created by the telephone handset and paging speaker. The page is first recorded and then played back as soon as the source handset has been put on-hook. High capacity paging is accomplished by the DFT120?s record during playback and page stacking capabilities. User selectable loop start trunk or 4 wire dry loop input interface and selectable 8-ohm or 600-ohm output impedances allow the DFT120 to directly connect to a wide range of customer premise equipment.

General Information
Name: Bogen DFT120 Digital Feedback Terminator, Bogen Communications International, Inc, Bogen
Category: Bogen/canada, Pro AV, Commercial Audio, Amplifier & Audio Signal Processing Accessories, Pro AV Solutions by Venue, Corporate & Telework, Education, House of Worship, Retail & Hospitality
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