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AX-8M Aiphone Ax-8m Intercom Master Station aiphone

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Product Overview

The AX-8M is an Audio only master station and can be one of the up to 8 masters supported in the AX Integrated Audio & Video Security system.

Each AX-8M master station can initiate and answer calls from up to 7 additional master stations and up to 8 door or sub stations. The master can be expanded with AX-16SW add-on selectors for a maximum capacity of 120 door / sub stations. Its streamline design is mountable on a wall or desk.

When a door or sub station calls, a tremolo tone rings. To answer the call, simply press the TALK button once and speak hands-free, or Press and Hold the TALK button to use as push-to-talk, release-to-listen. If access control is included, simply press the "key" button and the associated electric strike or magnetic lock will be activated. The AX-8M can answer the call from any audio only or audio/video door/sub on the system.

General Information
Name: Aiphone AX-8M Intercom Master Station, Aiphone Co., Ltd, Aiphone
Category: Aiphone, Access Control & Communications, Door Entry, Analog Video Intercom
UPC Code: 4968249415688
Country of origin: Japan. Country of origin is subject to change.